Being A Mother

Motherhood is a job with 24/7 demands and no holidays. If being mother was a paid job, it would come with ongoing training, sick leave, holidays and cash bonuses.

Is it just ME or is it really like this? Do other mums also have feelings of loneliness, desire for acknowledgement and the sleep deprivation? Mothering is the most difficult challenge faced by every woman. Although having a loving husband and a good network of friends, you still tend to build up a feeling of anger, guilt and anxiety especially when you have been up for hours at night. And accidentally if you are lucky to get a 5-6 hours of sleep at night you describe yourself as “happy”.

Often we do not get time to sit and think about numerous issues that confront us in this role of being mother. Sometimes we are even followed to the bathroom. Dealing with diapers, tantrums and the terrible twos is nothing compared to the complex inner struggles of being a mother. The mantra that keeps me sane all the time is positive attitude. It’ll be all right. If we’re running late, if the day doesn’t go as planned, if something comes up, I try not to get upset or bent out of shape about it.

Motherhood is a major learning curve. One minute you’re pregnant and the next you’re a feeding, enfolding, diapering, pacifying, an instant expert in basic infant first aid and the art of latching. At the same time, you’re way out of your depth, struggling to navigate a stormy sea of new emotions that are unique to moms — from pride to nail-biting frustration. Mastering the bottle is one thing; it’s much more complicated to flair the emotional hurdles of motherhood, especially when they change as your baby reaches each new milestone. Even if you are a second time mom, whatever first experiences you have had may not be applicable for the latter.


The best part about being a mom is the unconditional love you get from the kids. It doesn’t matter how you look or what you have on, you are still Mom. Meeting them for the first time. Breastfeeding. Seeing the changes every day. The cuddling. Learning to communicate together and seeing the world through their eyes – all brand new, sparkly and adventurous.

I am now a mother of two daughters and they are the world for me.

There are many wonderful things about being a mother. What has been the best part and the hard ones of motherhood for you? Share with me and other moms too.We may become a help for each other in coping up with motherhood.



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  1. I have been a mom for my entire adult life so I think it was an easier adjustment for me even though I was 18. If you are lonely you should definitely seek out some other moms with kids of similar ages. I think that is the best thing for some of the struggles you mention. I also invite you to visit my site linked up in my name. I think you will find it helpful.

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  2. Great post. I have been a mom now for nearly 9 years and everyday is different. There are times I feel so overwhelmed and lost, other times I am on cloud 9 and so over the moon happy and in love. It takes time to get to know your children and how to parent them. We all struggle with mommyhood, it is not just you. You seem like a wonderful mommy for just recognizing all that you put into it! Great job!


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