The Indrani Mukherjea Matrix

Indrani Mukherjea saga persisting these days is like watching serials on COLOURS and STAR PLUS. Every time you watch them inconsistently, you will find the male lead with a new wife. There is lot of drama,multiple relationships,  complicated upbringing, never ending lies and of course suspense and thriller….. from childhood to old age, similar to this case. Media and bloggers are comparing her to Donald Draper of MAD MEN or GONE GIRL.

A 2nd wife of her 3rd husband is charged along with her 2nd husband for killing her daughter from her 1st husband who was having an affair with her 3rd husband’s son from his 1st wife….. it’s so convoluted. One,actually,needs to sit with a pen and a paper to understand this knotty family tree and the who’s who of the story. That what I did,I literally drafted. And just when I had done with the perceptive, there emerged the fourth and the fifth man in Indrani’s tale.

indrani matrix

Let us first understand the case.Sheena Bora, a 24 years old girl was murdered by her very own sister Indrani Mukherjea, the wife of  former Star India CEO Peter Mukerjea. Indrani was arrested by the police on the 24th of August 2015, after more than two long years of the murder. The case took a sensational twist when Indrani told the police that  Sheena Bora was not her sister but her very own daughter. The case took another sharp turn when the Mumbai police arrested the former husband of Indrani, Sanjeev Khanna, in connection with the case in Kolkata. Sheena is stated to be Indrani’s daughter from her first marriage with Siddharth Das. The reason of the murder was still a mystery when the case encountered a new turn of Sheena having a relationship with Rahul Mukherjea, son of Peter Mukherjea from his previous marriage and Indrani was not very happy with their relationship. So the reason of the murder can be anything from money to honor killing or may be something entirely different from the conventional murder mysteries, no one knows that but only Indrani.the rise of Indrani

Murder cases are not new to the Indian society. Many areas of India find cases of girls being killed by their own parents because they dared to marry without their approval, although now the police rules out honor killing in this case. Murders due to money or properties are not alien. There are few questions that come up.

Then, what led this case to seek an immensely humongous attention? Well the answer is simple, this case consists of a web of money, power, prestige, lies and confusing relationships.

So, does the case reflect the truth of the High-profile society?

Not exactly true. High profile or otherwise….. people can get morbidly sick when it comes to money, power greed etc. This is the consequence of the actions of a bunch of such people. May be this unfortunate girl was close to pulling the rug from underneath their deceitful ways and they couldn’t let that happen. So they didn’t care if it was one of their own.

Indrani Mukherjea’s case also openly reveals the dark sides of a woman’s lust for money, power, sex and dominance. (Not being generalized. I am also a woman. You could easily replace woman with man here. Men also have lust for power, money, sex and dominance). What Indrani Mukherjea’s case tells us is same as any other case, some people are disgusting, terrible and full of shit. On a general note, I do think women are sometimes pitied and given benefit of the doubt for no reason, even if they might be guilty. It is indeed ridiculous to assume every woman being greedy. Most of us work very very hard to reach where we are.

Now comes the role of the media. Media covers the case in some other dimension altogether. This is a murder case. The reason has got nothing to do with the what expensive brands and makeup Indrani Mukherjea wears, the number of marriages and relationships she have had, her proximity with “other men” in her Facebook profile pictures, the number of children of hers with her different husbands, her ever smiling face in various pictures with men, the pictures of hers with a glass of champagne enjoying her holidays, the possible reasons of her broken marriages, she being influenced by the western culture and the modern lifestyle. The murder case is being molded to something else which represents nothing but the absolute absence of the right direction.

As far as Sheena Bora murder mystery is concerned it will be a hot topic for media to increase their TRPs. The jokes and memes on the social networking sites will continue.

But if you look from common man’s perspective it’s not at all concerned to their day to day life also it’s impact is low. They still want to know when the onion prices will go down?

And I want to know how old is Indrani Mukherjea 😉