Humanity washed ashore

We are Human Beings….. the so-called race, capable of understanding Humanity and compassion. Are we supposed to keep our feelings contained, for no good reason, like pouring the water in the glass until the glass overflows?

One particular image that haunted me as many others.My mind immediately thought of my own children, of sand castles and ice cream, of shrill of contentment as the waves came in. I thought of those ominous waves taking the life of a baby, and yes I wanted to hold my children tighter, with guilty relief they were safe. Being a mother to two beautiful kids unquestionably breeds up your emotional quotient.

A comic series by Symbolia and Years of living Dangerously gives a detailed series of everything you would like to know about Syria.

Like me, you may have paused a moment to think about how lucky we are to live in countries where bombing raids are not everyday occurrences, where death doesn’t come hurtling from the sky. I have felt shock when I saw the photo of that little boy. It took me a few moments to understand what I was looking at, that this wasn’t a baby sleeping, but a lifeless child being washed by waves. I felt a chill on the perception and was unable to stop the tears that followed.


I realized that the news and social media are going to be dominated by just one story, so I turned off. But I can not turn off my empathy, my sorrow, or my compassion, I knew they were there. So often when a tragedy is making headlines we can feel we must look, despite the pain it might cause us. There are lots of discussions about, whether the image of Aylan should be shown and shared or not. Is it important to bear witness or ignore the sufferings cowardly?

We are strong, we are brave and we care enough, still no one can know what is in our hearts, no one can decide the exact or the correct amount of pain. All this, in fact, shows that our hard and strong emotion is somehow our weakness, rather than a sign of our humanity. If we get caught up in the need to be brave, or strong, or whatever term society teaches is better than showing our emotions, we can end up in a far worse place. We can actually end up unable to do anything about the situation which is moving us.

It is OK to accept your humanity, and say, I need to look away, It is okay to look away, I need a pause, a hiatus from these feelings, I need to hug my own children, and look at them.

All said and done, what we can wish for is ONE WORLD. A world without the boundaries, without the limitations and without the geographically depicted edges and channels, where people can travel openly, with discretion and pleasure, without despair or doubt, no worries about Immigration Laws and Visa. Without calling them “refugees” and “aliens”. Are we not humans, irrespective of what land or what nationality we belong to? We all fit in one race – Humans. And if humans can’t help humans than nobody can. We see humans everywhere without a sign humanity, and that have been recently proved through the Syrian crisis, to survive you need to bribe, to take shelter in another country you need to wait, wait until you exist no more.

I am not sure how the European leaders will tackle the refugee crisis, but it is a shame on the world.


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  1. I agree. The pictures are heartbreaking – poor little boy. He looks just the same age as my youngest. I donated to a charity that sends rescue boats, but I am still wondering how I can do more. Poor little boy. I feel so sorry for them all. We should be helping these people, in whatever ways we can.

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