A Date with my GIRLZ

Spending time with kids can mow down to one thing – strengthening relationships and communication. Although I am a SAHM (stay at home mom), but devoting some special time for kids is one of the best things. I think Time is the one thing I can give them, my kids having a single parent, are sensitive and inclined to look up to others, especially my brother, for fun filled day outings, trekking and other stuffs, which they of course think I can’t do with them. I am fortunate enough to have a supportive family, can’t agree much on that.

This Sunday, when we had nothing much to do at home, no interest in watching the idiot box, I planned to go out on a date. As I told my elder daughter that I am taking you out for a date, I could see a different expression on her face. Here is the conversation that followed :

ME : Let’s go on a date !

Ash : date?? ( surprised and confused )

ME : Yes, but what makes you so startled?

Ash : Date is between a boy and a girl, or , mom and dad. So how will we go for a date?

Thanks to the media and the stories, and the fairy tales, also some knowledge from her girly gang, that a date can be only set between a boy and a girl. It was a little difficult to explain and contradict with her notion of a date. So I just told her, it is a meeting of two persons, they can be a mother and a daughter. (For your curiosity, even the dictionary shows – DATE : a person accompanying another socially, like boyfriend, girlfriend, sweetheart. So, what else can we expect a 7 year old to know?)

Anyways, somehow I managed to change the definition for her and we went for a lunch date. Before going straight to the restaurant we headed for some fun. A train ride which was so enthralling for them, some shopping, fancy stationery, gaming, loads of clicks together also an ice-cream on demand.

game zone
game zone

20150905_130925[1] 20150905_132946[1] 20150905_135256[1] 20150905_135346[1] 20150905_135609[1]

selfie by Ash
selfie by Ash

One of my resolutions would be to start going on dates with my kids.  I think “date” is a very appropriate term.  The time spent one-on-one trying to learn more about a them, talking, asking questions, communicating, building relationships that will weather the good and bad times in life. If you can talk easily now, you’ll be able to talk when it really counts.

How many of us truely remember all the toys and gifts we received as kids? It is difficult to remember and keep them all. But quality time spent, making memories will always be cherished.There is something simply sweet and yet profoundly important in spending one-on-one time with each individual child.  It doesn’t matter what you do, what matters is that you talk, laugh, cry, agree, disagree, and always end up hearing these invaluable words “I love you, MOM.”


13 thoughts on “A Date with my GIRLZ

  1. Jane

    This is wonderful that you are doing this for your daughters. My dad always dedicated Saturday for father/daughter day. We would go to the Zoo, lunch, shopping or the park. My Dad passed away, but I still hold these wonderful memories close to my heart.


  2. So sweet to take your girls on a date. I was a stay-at-home mom for much of my girls young lives so I understand what you mean. Yes, you are will them almost all the time but you do have other work around the house that keeps you busy too, so a special time out just to focus on the girls is a great idea. I’m sure they loved it.


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