Is there a good side to bribery and corruption? When does encouragement become bribery and expectation become corruption? Once a kid asked her mother, what’s the difference between a story and a lie?

It’s a very fine line between the two, I think the distinction lies in whether anyone is getting hurt in the process. Corruption is a much discussed topic these days and it is now commonly accepted that as a nation we are completely corrupt, at par with banana republics and the poorer African states. If, as they say, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, we are obviously absolutely powerful as we are absolutely corrupt.

Semantic games aside, it is time to take stock.For all our interests in parenting, are we bringing up our children to be a better generation than our own? A generation that will be wise and just and kind. Are we bringing up our children better than our parents brought us up? General consensus amongst young parents, is that the new generation of parents are more aware of their duties as parents and of the emotional needs of their children.

This may seem obvious,but it seems to me that if we want our children to possess certain virtues we must exhibit those very virtues in great chunks. This may not be a water-tight idea, but it works most of the time. For rest of the time our children may reject certain types of behaviors, but these are being internalized for later use.

If I want my child to be kind, considerate, generous, gentle and show concern for others, those are the very characteristics I would have to display. If I want her to be strong, self-willed, opinionated, I will have to encourage those traits in her and display them myself. If I see no harm in waving money under the noses of greedy chaprasis (peon) in order to get my work done, neither will my child. It is no wonder they say that corruption breeds corruption. However much we hate the thought, that some of our actions teeter precariously on that thin high wire between the right and the wrong.

What lead me to all this agonizing are some completely unrelated articles on motherhood, parenting styles and corruption.

The time has come my dear friends to stop theorizing, hypothesizing and surmising. As clouds of corruption and inhumanity hide the pure rays of honesty and generosity from our children, we need to clear the air.


Let’s teach them right from wrong, good from bad, but first, let’s know it ourselves. And as for motherhood and parenting there are only three things we need to know about :

(a) giving birth hurts much more than anyone is willing to tell you

(b) children are bliss when they are not being a pain in the arch

(c) motherhood makes you start thinking of sleep in the passionate way that you once thought about sex and cake

I couldn’t agree more.


15 thoughts on “LET’S JUST GET ON WITH IT

  1. Elizabeth

    I love your three points at the end. Motherhood is so complex. I’m constantly seeking that balance between spontaneous or even earned reward and constant bribery… bribery is just so effective! haha. Thanks for sharing this.

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  2. momonthemove35

    You are so right that we need to not only tell our kids right from wrong but they need to see in in our actions as well. Children pick up so much from our actions and what we say even if we aren’t speaking directly to them. Cute ending with some humor!

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  3. Bribing kids usually backfires because they come to expect a reward for performing even the most basic tasks. With that said…I bribe my kids all the time. In some situations negotiating with candy is the best course of action.

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  4. Allison (funfamily.vacations)

    My youngest son has to get lots of shots, and pokes with needles due to his severe allergies. I’m not afraid to bribe with ice cream/candy to have a better experience. It sure beats 4 of us holding him down! Today, I bribed him with caramel apples. Whatever.it.takes.


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