Woman life is not only about resisting temptations


It’s not about only eating and resisting delicacies or indulgence in foods. Apart from eating, temptations can be innumerable like wanting to give in laziness, or wanting to yell at someone may be your kid, partner or boss. It can be an urge to buy things you really don’t need or indulging in alcohol.


Is it true that a woman life is only about resisting temptations???????

I refuse to accept the above statement. Resisting temptations or self-control is not about never having fun…. but creating a balance within our lives. We are all going to be victims of temptations at several points in our lives. Then why resist them????

There will always be more. The force of the blow depends on the resistance. It is sometimes better not to struggle against temptations. Either fly or yield at once.

How often women resist temptations because its wrong or against their well-being, or moral-code or mostly bad for their health, even it may cause disruptions in relationship with other people.

We are always not aware of what we are thinking about. In fact, it is possible to go through the day uninformed that we are provocative about tempting thoughts.

But as all of us know and agree (I hope we do) that WE (women) are strong-headed. If we make-up our mind we can turn things and stop succumbing to temptations which may not be good for us. You just need to know the triggers for temptations which may be your job, relationship, boredom or attention seeking or lack of faith in yourself. Once you know the temptations and what generates it…….. work to manage them and overcome them before they take hold.

When temptations comes back to you don’t feel as though you have slipped, failed or lost ground. If its against your will distract yourself, take up a new hobby, or write a book…… whatever you do, throw yourself into it wholeheartedly. Lighten up and let fun into your life and lose that sense of depriving yourself. Temptations of the past have passed, now on are the ones you can tackle strongly.

As well said by Joey Adams “Do not worry about avoiding temptations,as you grow old it will avoid you”.



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