The POOP Tales

Now that I am the proud mother of an albeit squeamish, borderline aggressive, probably even slightly disgruntled, but pretty much potty trained twenty-seven month old girl, I can share some of my experiences, crazy moments and funny episodes. Although it wasn’t that easy, I tried providing a few fancy supplies and books, they really helped. The little one started announcing from a couple of weeks when she has to poop. Sometimes I get to see those pressurized-poopy-faces which are an indication, but the pants are full within the minutes of the announcement. When she is made to sit on her potty-seat she wants to sit on the big toilet, and when on the big one, wants me to bring her wonder-chair (sometimes me and Ashita call her potty seat by this name). But I can now happily say that I no longer worry about her. It was not my first hand experience on potty training, already raised a 7 year old, but a different stroke altogether, rather funny than serious.

One of the most charismatic and exasperated aspects of young children are the extremes to which they experience life. Each victory is FASCINATING and must be celebrated, and each defeat is THE WORST INJUSTICE IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD! As parents, our best bet is to ride the wave with them in the moment, and then course correct as needed once cooler heads prevail.

Sometimes though, you just have to step in.

As I can recollect a few instances here, my little child is currently amazed with all things bathroom-related. And why not? She LOVES washing her hands in the sink, I can keep her there for the whole day and every single time she decides to sit on the potty she’s met with a steady stream of cheers and applause.


Once, she wandered away from the family, then came running back a few minutes later with a huge smile on her face, and these words in her heart:

ANIKA : Potty! Potty!

ME : Anika…do you want to go sit on the potty?

ANIKA : No! Wash hands!!

ME : Oh…you want to wash your hands?

ANIKA : No! Wash hands potty!


ME : Did…did you wash your hands…IN the potty?

ANIKA (ecstatically): YES!!!

SILENCE on my side….. HAPPINESS on hers

Someday, there’s a chance that someone will tenderly hold her hand while slipping a ring onto her finger. When that day comes, I will remember THIS, and laugh.

As adults, we all pretend that we do not need to throw out waste from our bodies, even though literally every single one of us does it every single day, of course, unless something is wrong. Then, once you have kids, your life seems to REVOLVE around the stuff. You clean it, talk about it, worry about it, and you CELEBRATE it.

I remember when ASHITA was 3 years old, every single time she pooped in the potty, she identified the shapes, sometimes it was the gun, or the snake, a whale and once it was a CASTLE. With great anticipation it was discussed in the family.

Then a few months later, the topology vanished and she became an avid reader or call her an avid-potty-time-reader. Spending almost 20-30 minutes on her reading-chair (that what I call for her). Now that reading makes her poop, I have to hand her the book, in case she forgets to take it along with her. Otherwise it can be a-no-call-day. Though I never really understood the logic, how is reading and pooping related?


There are so many episodes of frustration and laughter. When one day the little one was playing with her kitchen set, just beside me and I was juggling with my work on the laptop. I was happy, how involved she is in her play and allowing me to work. She offered me a cup of tea in her play, after a while another tea and then the third. I was so engaged in my work, that I didn’t notice her much. Then she came up to me and it went like this,

ANIKA : mamma, take!

ME : now what?

ANIKA : mamma take…… take!!

ME : enough tea now, I don’t want

ANIKA : not tea

ME : then????? (without any attention)


ME : what????? (With all my attention at her)……… (amazed, angry, frustrated, and a laugh)
Sometimes the only way to survive the potty training phase is to laugh your way through it. We have also tried singing the poop songs. As weird as it feels, we have talked poop and counted farts. If you have laugh-out-loud potty stories, do share!!


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  1. Percy the Poo is the most hilarious poop book out there. I have the kindle edition on my phone. You have probably seen some of my potty-training posts, but if not i shared the link to the page with my name.

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  2. Jharna

    Can’t stop laughing imagining Anika and Ashita doing all those stuffs..But really the article is a must read. As a mother we all have such funny incidences to share but the way you jot down your experience is commendable! Keep it up Shweta!

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