Parenting at a Better LEVEL

You should have met me 10 years back. My life was well straightened out, like a catalogue, coordinated and tabulated. Then I had the opportunity of becoming a mother for the first time, and an excuse for being the forgetful, perturbed person. A chunk that was existing, vanished after my second child was born. The title of Stay-At-Home-Mom sometimes seemed like the Sloppy-And-Heedless-Mom (SAHM).

The age difference between my kids is 6 years, which keeps me juggling amid their routines. When the young one needs to be fed, cleaned and potty-trained, the elder one is to be dropped at school and different activity classes. Maintaining a balance, I try hard to keep them fixed in their schedules. Although I stick to the routines, I tend to skip here and there.

Being a parent is a tough, hard and challenging journey. The great thing about living in a digital world is that there are a lot of apps out there today to help make jobs a bit easier. Whether it’s having fun with kids or helping manage schedules, there is this app for all that. Of course, there is no app that can make you into a perfect parent, but there are apps that can help with bits and pieces of parenting (advice, scheduling, tasks and to-do’s, education, etc.)

#FamilyOrganizerApp is a new app designed for parenting with children from the newborns through the different age groups.

It is a user-friendly innovation designed for i-phones, androids or i-pads to make high quality, research-based information available for parents. To reach all parents with key information that can help them to spend more resourceful and fun time, and support the parents as their children grow. Entering updates is effortless, the user interface is easy to use, and reporting features are neat.


For parents with babies, it’s a great way to track blogs and share experiences about sleeping, feeding, growth, health, key milestones etc. Similarly there are discussions on blogs, activities in and around your city and other information for all age groups. This is surely parenting at a better level.

#FamilyOrganizerApp is FREE

It manages the chaos of tuitions, classes, school assignments and everyday life. It’s a must-have app for the families :

  • It will help keep a record of schedules and activities.
  • You can make and share the grocery or shopping list.
  • Discover events for children in your city.
  • Helpful guide for moms and dads through the parenting blogs.
  • Following your favorite bloggers.
  • Access and update from any mobile device or computer.
  • The app also features a to-do list tracker.
  • Choosing a color code for every member of the family makes the work more easy.

This app’s features will provide you with almost everything you need to keep your family organized. It’s the free app for new moms, already couples into parenting and among parents with children of all ages.This app is also great for busy dads. It allows them to keep the whole household (schedules, activities, appointments etc) all in one place. No more questions about what‘s going on with the entire family schedule.It is a social network just for your family. It’s completely private and your own. Technically this is called #ParentingFromTheSamePage .

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10 thoughts on “Parenting at a Better LEVEL

  1. Parenting is always a topic of dicussions and those new methods are always interesting. But I am personally a put-it-on-paper person, so I would hate to use such app. Looks great though and I will definitely tell my friends about it 😉

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  2. I will check this app out today. My kids are all in different stages of their lives 13, 6 and 2 years old and boy are we stretched thin… Even being a sahm, I don’t know how I manage. Hopefully this will help.

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