She flies like a bird…… gliding!!!

Zip… Zaaap.. Zooooom…!!!! And here goes my little bundle, my sweetheart !!

With a dream in her heart and the passion in her eyes, she flies like a bird, with her skates on, aiming to touch the sky and fly beyond.

It all started at a tender age of 3, when she saw her cousin skating in his society. All she wanted to do was, wear his skating shoes, although they were at least 2 sizes bigger. We tried to convince her but in vain. She started up with some tantrums and we had to give her the skating shoes. The smile was priceless when she tried to move with them. Fell several times, got up, started again, fell down and the same was repeated, until she banged the front door and got a bruise. As we were sure to receive a shrieking and wailing episode, we were stunned to know, that the girl didn’t cry instead got up and started back. That was just the beginning for her, and we thought it will be over after this.

Again, after few days we went shopping and she saw the skates on display, seeing her so keen on wearing them my husband decided to buy them for her. Fortunately, we have skating coach coming to our society building and I started her coaching. In no time, almost less than a month, she was able to glide so well. Being in the category of Early Starters she picked up quite appropriately and smoothly.

It developed into a fabulous hobby for her, we could sense the intensity and efforts she was putting in to learn. Her coach guided us well and started sending her in competitions after 4 years. Her perseverance and dedication showed results. To our surprise she stood first in age group category. And then there was no looking back. She is 7 yrs and still skating, now with the professional skates. I feel so proud to see her, every time she flaunts with her skates, but she deserves to do that.

For anything that a child is putting his/her cent percent, it is necessary for the parents to give in their best input, coaching or equipment required. A child can show very early traits, which need to be noticed and appreciated by the parents to bring the talent out and help in reaching new heights. We are happy that we were able to find an early starter in our daughter.


For her, skating is intrinsically satisfying, she is naturally inclined to the movements that she experiences while skating. It has provided her self confidence and also helped her develop physical and mental success. She has a burning fire for skating. At this early age not only she is living skating but breathing it. She is very keen on learning different heights, technical movements and speed.

As parents, it’s our responsibility to make every experience into fun and valuable for the child. A child needs to have positively boosting experiences that delineate them how they can solve problems, attain goals, and have control over the direction their life will take. Phenomenally, the concepts that are learned while achieving a skill are just as important as the skill itself. A young person who experiences the success of attaining set goals, has developed a strong sense of confidence and self-esteem, can also relate and interact positively with others, is undoubtedly going to approach future challenges and obstacles in life with increased chances for success. When exploited properly the act of skating can literally be the channel to enhance adaptations to almost any challenge or experience she may confront in life.

I do not expect her to become an Olympian or a national player, I just want her to live her dream. I want her to remain fit and build self-esteem. She is growing fast, and changing everyday. Her dreams and her goals may also change. Her interests and her participation in activities and sports are ought to change. But I only know this, that I need to be supportive while she strives to find her niche in life.

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14 thoughts on “She flies like a bird…… gliding!!!

    1. shweta

      As parents we are their first source of encouragement. If they see positivity within us, they do things more enthusiastically.


  1. themacmomma

    I have a friend whose daughter figure skates… it takes so much dedication and is such a unique talent, skill, hobby to develop.
    It is such a balance find the right things to push and encourage until our kids want to take it on their own. It sounds like your encouragement has paid off!


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