10 Ways to Enjoy A book or Two

“ The more you read, the more things you will know,

the more you learn, the more places you’ll go ”.



Reading may be hard for some people but it can be developed into a habit. It is never too late to start reading and widen your daily horizons. Every parent should inculcate the habit of reading in their kids. Whatever age a child is, he/she can start with books at a very early age. Studies say a kid can start observing books at 6 months and also listen to stories. Remember that good book makes good read. Books are one’s real friend, they help you to cultivate a feeling of satisfaction. If reading is not you have done till now, it is never late to start. Reading can be developed into a habit easily.

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  1. Anything that you would like to read can be a starting. You can begin with a newspaper, magazine or a story book. To start developing interest in reading you can take up a comic book or short stories. Reading can be anything and everything. Sit with your children and read.
  2. 15 minutes a day. Yes, just 10-15 minutes a day and its enough for the beginners. Make a point to read at a particular time of the day, like, in the afternoon or after a nap, before sleeping or time that suits you. Stick to that routine of reading at your chosen time. That will also give you some family time when reading with kids.
  3. You can carry a book always with you, so if there is a waiting time, or a queue, or in a bus, anywhere you can just open the book and indulge in your world.
  4. Join a library. This will help you find more books and understand the type of books you may be interested in reading. Joining a library will also make new friends with the same interest and people you can discuss about reading.
  5. Try to read carefully each word and understand what you are reading. Always make sure to mark or underline difficult words while reading with kids and look for their meanings later. Consult a dictionary, you can also make kids learn two new words a week.
  6. Make a list of books you read and to be read.
  7. Make your reading time pleasurable. Do not read for the heck of it or under pressure of reading. It is not a compulsion but a choice.
  8. Gradually increase your reading time from 15 minutes to half an hour or one hour. Find more time and different things to read. Keep books handy and easily available like near your bedside or in the drawing room. So you can grab a book whenever you wish to read.
  9. Last but most important, reading will help you to broaden your worldview, make you aware of different authors, will enhance your knowledge and make you smarter. Always be positive before reading and tell yourself  “ I am going to enjoy this”.
  10. Children copy their parents much faster than anyone else. Give them the pleasure of reading.



12 thoughts on “10 Ways to Enjoy A book or Two

    1. shweta

      I still take out about 20 min to read, its a stress buster for me. I agree that after having kids, I too have cut down on reading.


  1. My daughter really loves books right now, so most of my reading is of the “One Fish, Two Fish” variety 😉 But I do try to make a point of reading my own books (real paper books) for a few minutes every day while she’s awake, so that she sees how much I enjoy reading, too.

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  2. You make such great recommendations and points. Children do what you do! Yikes. I do love to read, it’s just setting that 15 minutes aside. Escaping into a book is the best feeling!!!! I have one on my nightstand. You’ve motivated me to make time for it!

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