Is this really my time for a BREAK ???

Ahhah… !!!  Now this is some observation, each one of us (mommies) must have done at some point of time while your kid/kids are around.

You keep yelling for their attention and there will be no response, try to intervene again and they ignore you. They are in fact so busy in their favorite cartoons or playing among themselves that you are hardly noticeable. So you think it’s your time and acting a bit mean you predict to enjoy.


And then there are evidential episodes which each one of you can relate, here are mine :

#1 I make a phone call: 😀 Just after exchanging warm HELLOS, there are howling sounds in the background, and I wonder whose kids… your or mine???? ….of course mine…!! Just after greetings are my goodbyes…. call you later…. and end of call. That is the only time when they are the most hungry kids in the world or sibling rivalries take place.

#2 Plan a nap or lie on the couch: :p If I can plan something then why can’t they, especially the younger one, don’t underestimate the power of a kid, the younger the sharper and clever they are. Either there will be some suspicious blackout silence which will of course push you out of the bed/couch to look around or if there is nothing of that sort, then its definitely POTTY time and of course, not your nap time.


#3 Time for me to use the Bathroom: If I really get that ME time, this would be a luxury life I might be living. The 2 year old chasing me till the bathroom. Not to wonder, sometimes I am not concentrating on what I am there for, but continuously talking from inside and pacifying the impish little villain.


#4 Open a chocolate bar: 🙂 I have a sweet tooth, but do you think I get the chance to eat that bar of chocolate??? They will just pounce on me, sometimes there is a fight for equal distribution of pieces, so I am the one hardly getting just one or may be none, and mostly there is this crying and nagging session so that sacrificing-motherly-love pours out.

#5 the tea/coffee session: I just take a sip of my coffee, then there is time for diaper change, while doing that it reminds me there is something on the stove, while in the kitchen I see the empty water bottles to be refilled, and then I referee and send the kids for time out, just then the elder one tells me that she cannot time out she needs to potty….  ehhh  !!! And my coffee is waiting for another sip…..

Cheers to Motherhood !!!!!!

p.s. friends and family or the friends of friends and whoever reading this, who can relate to and others who are yet to reach there….  just enjoy, like share and comment….. thanks !!


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  1. Allison (

    Love this post! I haven’t enjoyed anything hot food for at least 7 years. I lock the bathroom door and the kids act like I left the country. LOL!!

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