The GIRL who did not talk

There was this little girl who at six months gurgled and drooled and made lovely baby sounds. As the days went by and she turned one year old the babies next door, and her mother’s friends’  babies all started saying words : Mama, biscuit, doggie, bow-wow. But this little girl continued to chuckle and chuckle but not a word!

Mother and Father grew anxious. Took little baby to the pediatrician. The doctor checked her nose, her eyes, her ears, her mouth and exclaimed, “she is perfectly alright,she will talk.” Days grew into weeks, into months and the little baby was now a year and a half. Parents again went to see the doctor. The doctor again checked her nose, her eyes, her ears, her mouth and exclaimed, “Be patient, the baby is perfectly okay and she will talk.”

Baby was walking, making noises, making herself understood, but not talking. Now she was two years old and the parents were getting tense and worried. Baby used to visit the grocer with her mother and the grocer was a kind man who always gave her a banana. One fine morning as they drove by the grocer’s shop, suddenly baby sang out, “I love banana, I want banana.” Father was stunned, mother almost fainted with happiness. “She is talking! She is talking! “. And now we wish she would stop talking!

This little baby is my darling daughter. Now almost seven and half year old. A full-time story-teller, making her own description of new goings-on. She is a chatter-box and we just love her a lot.!!!!!!!!!!

This song actually shows how I experience to be her proud mom…… I love you. baby.


We were as one babe

For a moment in time

And it seemed everlasting

That you would always be mine

Now you want to be free

So I’m letting you fly

Cause I know in my heart babe

Our love will never die!


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  1. This is a great story and encouraging for parents who worry! My niece is almost two and says words but no phrases. All the other kids in the family have been very early talkers and could carry on conversations at that age. I have told my sister that I bet one day she will just take off talking like your daughter did!

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