Halloween : keeping the horror away from kids.

There are so many events and invites popping up in the mailbox for the upcoming Halloween. More and more people are getting into celebrating Halloween. Restaurants are introducing special  cook up theme menus with wild drinks and gory decorations. Malls and shopping centers have a huge display of dress up costumes and scary looking things.

People in India have suddenly started celebrating Halloween. I just have a simple question to ask them. Living here in India, are we short of festivals, that we don’t get to celebrate? We almost have half a year to celebrate different festivals and holidays. Month of October was whole lot of celebration from Navratri through Dusshera, leading to Diwali in the next month.

There are so many other festivals celebrated all over the world, but we chose the one that needed people to wear fancy/scary costumes and paint their face. If we really want to adapt a festival, then why not go for Thanksgiving, that has ample amount of everything from food to family conversations and sibling fun-fights. Thanksgiving will be so good for our regular lives.

It’s as, we don’t have enough scary things happening in our real lives, that we want to bring in a holiday that celebrates horror. I am not against Halloween. I love pumpkins, candy, and dress up costumes, but I’m really not a big fan of Halloween. Well, let’s say I’m not a big fan of all that comes with Halloween. I would like to change a few things or say I would like it a lot more.


It can be pretty scary for kids. I’d like to keep out the bloody, yucky and scary parts. Children are children. They don’t need to celebrate bloodstained gory cruelty. They don’t need to celebrate the day of dead in full swing. As a society, we are outraged and shocked by the acts of violence. So why is the need for children to roam around in fake dripping blood. Telling horror stories and watching scary movies leaves a long term impact on their minds causing reoccurring nightmares.

“MARK WAZOWSKI” The Disney one eyed monster. We did this craft with kids out of polymer clay.

Instead of all these it’s important to tell kids the ancient stories about celebrating Halloween. Explaining them that Halloween is a time of carousal and superstition. Mounting the line between fall and winter, plenty and paucity, life and death. It’s just a reminder about Daylight savings time. Reminder it’s that time again….set clocks one hour behind on November 1st. There are plenty of other fun activities to do with kids to enjoy the day. Carving designs and shapes in the pumpkins can be real fun. Going to trick-or-treat with friends in the neighborhood and passing out candy. Making different crafts like polymer clay dough craft, funny faced cookies. There could be a list of activities available to do with kids on Halloween. That’s about how I prefer celebrating Halloween and taking the scare out of my kids.

Cheers and a happy weekend with HALLOWEEN !!!


12 thoughts on “Halloween : keeping the horror away from kids.

  1. liferedesign101

    I agree that little children should not have to experience horror and overly scary costumes. Here in the states, young kids usually have cute costumes, not scary ones. The really scary stuff is for older kids and adults. Many schools that have Halloween celebrations to not allow scary costumes.

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  2. I agree that the children don’t need to be exposed to the scary icky parts of Halloween for a while. Luckily here in the states there’s usually more lighthearted events for the smaller kids to enjoy without any of that. Even as an adult I’ve never enjoyed the scarier side of things, never been a fan of haunted houses or anything like that.

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  3. If I were you I would be irritated too. You have your own rich cultural traditions and celebrations. Why would you want them to be overshadowed by an import that is based on pagan and Christian beliefs (for all that it’s mostly secularized now). One of the things I enjoy about your blog is the peek it gives me into a different culture.

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    1. shweta

      Thanks for reading. I am only worried about imitating different festivals without knowing the purpose. Although we do have the same kind of celebrations for fifteen days remembering our forefathers called “the holy month of SHRAAD”. It’s about making and relishing foods that our grand and great grand parents would have loved.

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  4. Halloween isn’t all about things being scary and gory. Mostly the older children and adults tend to do the scary stuff. But I don’t blame you for being upset you have lots of great traditions and festivals where you live .

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    1. shweta

      We have endless festivals from small to big ones, different communities celebrating various rituals and ceremony, I am only concern about people trying to copy festivals from different countries without even knowing the purpose.


  5. Stephanie @ Casa Watkins

    I don’t do Halloween decor, but mostly do fall themed decor around the house. My kids are 2 (almost 3), 4, and 16. My 4 year old still comes in my room at times during the night so I try to limit anything that can over stimulate little minds. Great points and thanks for sharing.

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