“Candies”, the mother offered to the little girl to make sure that the girl could forget what she was fighting for and loose her wishes to the will of her mother. The mother was certain to win because this is the way it had always been.

“Little girls get attached to things easily and then also abandon the same things for the next big thing. She would move on…. be the same again”   …she had thought to herself.

The girl did not agree though. She was a rebel at heart and this time she wanted to convey her firmness.

Firm she was to not fall for the bait…  but she rather wanted to convince her mother…  for how much joy that thing brought to her. “She always says she loves being, then why is she so inconsiderate for my wishes”  …she murmured.

The environment was numb. Nobody moved. Even the plants looked like to have stopped shaking for a while for they all wanted to hear the verdict ….

Mother : “When we go home, I will make those choco pies that you have always loved eating, only if you abide by what I say…

Girl: “Mother, you should have known, I have stopped loving choco pies, the same way you have stopped loving me” !!!!

That was too much to have come out from a 5 year old. The mother was shocked. Next step was taking the girl into her arms that came naturally. She cuddled and kissed her. ‘My little rabbit, when did I stopped loving you …..  You are the loveliest of all things that have ever touched my life’.

The girl flew her arms around her mother. Life seemed beautiful again….

Her demand….!!!!  She didn’t even remember about that anymore. She wanted to go home quickly eager to have the choco pies.

A person sitting at a nearby bench had witnessed the whole episode. She quickly went back to her house and published the episode into her notes. Her friends are now reading it!!  😛

P.S. Yes, of course, I was moved by this episode, although I make sure to devote time for them and kids are my priority but I hugged them tightly as I reached back home.


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