THANKSGIVING : Practicing Gratitude

Thanksgiving, a holiday that’s celebrated in the USA. It’s a time to realize gratitude and our many blessings. Traditionally, the families gathers in giant circles and says out loud what they are thankful for. Although we do not celebrate thanksgiving here in India, but it is always good to teach children about such holidays. They should learn to give and share with love, they should be thankful for whatever they receive, and show gratitude. I love sharing stories and knowledge with my kids.


When at the dinner table we discuss endless things, this time we talked about Thanksgiving. After explaining the importance of the day, I asked my 7 year old girl, what is she thankful for. And her answer rolled instantly, “My new Barbie, the princess dress and the games and books…..” that I got for her. These are exactly the things she should be thankful for. She is just a kid and her list made me smile.


All I want my children to think beyond their little world of toys, dolls and friends. I want them to know not every child has a huge number of toys, not every child is privileged to go to a great school, wear fancy clothes and have lavish meal-time.


No, we were never living in poverty, but after my husband, those months of very little income and tightening the budget tremendously – taught me that material possessions are something one should never take for granted. There are some weird facts about surviving with very little but I want my children to know and talk about it all.

Sanmati Baal Niketan Orphanage

This Thanksgiving, gave me the opportunity to talk about it in ways they can understand. As we planned to visit the orphanage SANMATI BAAL NIKETAN again this year, (which I have fixed visiting every year, to mark the date it’s the death anniversary of my husband) we got to talk about donating stuff and food. We discussed how valuable small amounts of food are for families and kids, eating just one meal a day. As a mother,  when I feel about what it means to struggle, I can’t help but want to do something. I try to do what I can and I teach my children to do the same. Even a small gesture of helping others makes a difference. Each small thing is a contribution to a great world.

Kids enjoying special meal (with sweets)



I would say in 2015, I’m thankful for. . .


My kids, my parents and siblings.

My close friends. I have a few of them.

The fact that I got a really nice job, that redefined my economic standing.

I have a lot to be profoundly thankful for this year. Transition isn’t easy and no one does it alone. This year, I’ve gotten to spread my wings and truly fly. I’ve been both fortunate and privileged and that’s something I don’t ever want to forget.

I am thankful for all I have in my life, I could have more, but I could certainly have a lot less too. I have more than I need and I have the privilege to share, I am indeed a lucky woman.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone !!