I’m FAT, but I’m HUMAN !! and that says it all.

About a week ago, when I went shopping for myself, I was surprised to get my package with something extra. It was a coupon: a coupon to purchase chocolates and cupcakes.

I love cupcakes! But did I really need a coupon to purchase them to come with my clothes?

And yet, I hardly think it’s pure coincidence that I came out with a coupon for cupcakes and chocolates.


You see, I’m fat. So I went to a plus-size store to buy some great stuff. From a marketing standpoint, it makes a lot of sense, right? Plus-size stores need fat people to stay fat in order to stay in business — so if they toss a coupon to buy some pizzas and cupcakes in, with the clothes, then it’s a win/win for them. I get cupcakes and I remain fat so I have to keep buying my clothes as this store.


That thinking reckons on one of the biggest stereotypes of fat people: that we (fatties) all eat ample amounts of food, all the time. But we don’t. Or rather, like not all thin people eat salads for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Fat people, like thin people, come in all shapes and sizes, they also come with different appetites, metabolisms, and food preferences. Some days I eat a lot while other days I don’t. Some days I exercise for an hour and other days I don’t and behave lazy.


I’m fat but I’m human. Fat people are no more or less likely to eat a bunch of cupcakes in one sitting than a thin person. We must have all noticed at some point, when your friends or cousins or siblings eating lot more than what you eat, still thin. And we just breathing more air and drinking more water, raises the number on the weighing scale. Fat people are fat for any number of reasons, and some just are.

I’m fat for a combination of reasons — everyone in my maternal family is fat, I have hormonal imbalance issue (hypothyroidism), AND also I like to eat! I think that’s probably the case for a lot of people, like, their bodies are the way they are for a multitude of factors.


Curvy, fit, strong, chubby, heavy, plus sized– I’ve held each of those titles at some point through my life – but never small, never petite. From a long time it seemed as though beautiful only came in one size. At the age of 34 I’ve made peace with most things about me. Yes, I’m plus sized right now, and no I’m not happy about it, but that doesn’t take away my beauty, my spark. I don’t need to sit in the sidelines while others take the stage. It’s where I’m on the scale – it is not where I am in life. With the plus sized status, I’m also beautiful, smart, funny, witty, introspective, creative, open minded and great.


Actually, I don’t want anyone to judge other people for their appearance. Most people have something they would like to change about themselves, something they are sensitive about – whether it be their weight or hair or nose or chewed nails, their height or their stature. It doesn’t mean they aren’t good, kind, smart and intelligent people.


It doesn’t matter.

That’s right, it really doesn’t matter.

What matters is that you live your life. I plan to live it—fully, unapologetically, and no longer wastefully. Life is not about fat legs, or skinny legs, or being perfect. Life is simply meant to be lived!!


And now some TRUTH:

  • Fat people don’t hate themselves!! I don’t wake up every day loving myself, but no one does. That’s a problem that disturbs us all, not just fat people.
  • Fat people are not lazy. Many of us fats are quite active, smart, and gorgeous, even if you don’t think so. (Which is okay!).
  • You cannot tell if someone is healthy simply by looking at them. I’m fat but I’ve got no significant health problems. No back issues, my blood pressure is awesome, my cholesterol is perfect.
  • It’s not possible for everyone to “just lose weight” even if they want it bad enough, try hard enough. I would bet you money that most fat people you’ve met have wanted it bad enough, do try incredibly hard, and have tried every way under the sun.
  • And the last of all — All bodies deserve respect. Even if you think I’m gross because I’m fat, I at least deserve to be treated like I’m a human being. Because I am !!!!

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    1. shweta

      Totally with you. The store can give many other things instead of a coupon for cupcakes. Even a discount coupon for the next shopping would have been great. Thanks for reading.


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