Bio: I am a single parent of two beautiful angels (9yrs and 4yrs). I've blogged since 2006. Well, not so much, but once in fortnight.It's fun. It keeps me accountable to the things that need done. I've made wonderful friends and have a good community through blogging. My husband's demise brought me back to the internet world when I had to do all things on my own for me and my kids. The purpose of this blog has become a record of the life journey my children and I are embarked upon.Presently,working from home, also making chocolates, doing crafts with kids, writing for various sites and also running my own blog. I am a post graduate in food and nutrition. This blog is a reflection of me and mine, I hope you enjoy it!

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One thought on “About

  1. Jinesh Jain

    I am over-impressed over the style ,format and presentation skills that I did not know earlier.Indirectly you have proved that being single with kids to nurse and nurture does not retard the overall all-around multi-faceted growth of human being;instead it re-kindles and ignites the dormant inner glow to spread around.


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