I miss my DAD

My younger one was 3.5 months when she lost her father. She holds no memories of her daddy and never asks questions or brings him up. She is a happy, well-adjusted, smart, and lovable four years old. She just also happens to be a kid who’s dad died way too young. Truth be told, I don’t worry about my younger one nearly as much as I do my older daughter, because she was a little older and seems to have a harder time with her loss.

This all changed recently.

As we drove to a trip to Pondicherry my little lady piped up from playing on the beach and said:

“Mommy, I miss my daddy.”

Just like that, out of the random blue, and like a sword, through my heart, she uttered those words that rendered me utterly speechless. Through quiet tears and a cracked-voiced, I just responded…

“I know buddy, and I miss him too.”

We continued to talk about HIM, and as the questions poured out of her, I could see by the expression on her little face that it was all soaking in. She continued to probe until she was done and the subject changed just as quickly as it had come up in the first place.




I dropped my happy go lucky little girl from my hand, and she ran off laughing and smiling like she always does. However, I was left reeling and feeling a pain that has become all too familiar in the past four years. Through quiet reflection and lots of deep breaths, I came to a straightforward conclusion.

I can’t fix this.

There is nothing I can do to give my children their father back. There is nothing I can do to give them their innocence lost or security they may have had in their invincible parents back. Death stole these things from them, and I am incapable of fixing that reality.

My kids know loss.

My kids know death.

My kids miss their dad. Period.

End of story. End of discussion.

Or is it?

What my children also know is resiliency.

They know that life is made up of choices and that when all seems lost, we can still make the choices in this life to be and do more. They know from a tender age that bad things happen, but that buoyancy can help to carry them through very dark days. They have learned that why we may never move ON, we can move forward in a new and different path.

My children know love.

They know that people die, but even in death we still can love them beyond this world. They know that the people who remain in their present life love them deeply and care for their happiness. They know that community matters, choices matter, LIFE matters.

My children know joy.

We practice happiness in our house because we have known the worst sadness possible. We grasp at the good and practice counting the blessing that surrounds us daily.

I can’t fix what has happened in our lives.

All I can do is continue to live, answer the hard questions when they come up, and show my babies why we all deserve to live a beautiful life.


Know your OATS

Almost all of us are well aware of the benefits of including oats in our daily diet and many of us know how its useful for its high content of fiber, but there is always a curiosity to know more. So this time I decided to write something about this wonderful cereal.

A bowl of hot oatmeal for breakfast is not only satisfying and filling, it also gets you off to a great start because of its numerous health benefits. Oats are a type of cereal grain that has numerous uses in food. They are most commonly made into oatmeal, which can then be eaten as porridge or added to baked goods, or ground into oat flour and incorporated in baking. As one of the gluten free grains, oats can be safely tolerated by those who must avoid gluten in their diet.

Nutritional bits of Oat
  • 1 cup of oats (whole grain, cooked) contains:
    • Calories: 147 kcal
    • Fat: 2.3 g
    • Carbohydrates: 25.3 g
    • Protein: 6 g
    • Fiber: 3.98 g
    • Glycemic Index (GI): Varies.
      E.g. porridge made from rolled oats (low);
      porridge made from instant oats (high)
although the oats is un-glamorous, but fortunately most of us are aware that oats benefit us in a multitude of ways. Besides being a good source of high quality protein, vitamin E, minerals like zinc, copper, iron, manganese, etc oats are the most well known for their high fiber content . The soluble fiber in oats, beta-glucan, has been shown to reduce LDL cholesterol and help stabilize sugar levels.

Various forms of oats are available on the market, and here is a crash course on oat vocabulary:

  • Steel-cut oats: These have a a dense and chewy texture. They are produced by running the grains through steel blades that thinly slice them.
  • Oat groats: Whole, minimally processed, unflattened kernels of oats. They can be cooked into a porridge, or incorporated into baked goods. Since they are unprocessed, they will take longer to cook – and the upside is that the nutrient density will also be higher.
  • Old-fashioned oats: These are steamed and then rolled, and have a flatter shape.
  • Quick-cooking oats: Like old-fashioned oats, quick-cooking oats are also steamed and rolled. The difference is that they are finely cut before rolling.
  • Instant oatmeal: The oats are first partially precooked, rolled, and then dried. As a result, they cook much faster. Some manufacturers may also add other ingredients such as sugar or salt to instant oatmeal.
  • Oat bran: The outer husk of the grain that resides under the hull. Oat bran is available as a separate product, which can be used to add texture and flavor to baked goods, or simply to boost fiber content.
  • Oat flour: Ground oat grain.

Always refer to the nutritional  values or the label to ensure you are buying healthy and wholesome oatmeal.


Diwali gift for Choco-Lovers



As the festive season had already kicked in with the ongoing celebrations of Navratra followed by Dussera, Karva Chauth, Diwali and Bhai dooj, all of us have geared up for the celebrations. It is a month filled with new clothes, various pooja’s, delicious food, lamps,lights, family get together and not to forget the gifts.

gifts pack for family and friends

Diwali is celebrated with the vigor and liveliness in India and also among the Indians staying abroad. Diwali also marks the beginning of the New Year. Along with grand celebration, exchanging Diwali gifts has become an integral part of the celebration. We love to send Diwali gifts for our loved ones. Even the employees look forward to receive some excellent gifts from their CEO and the company.People celebrate the festive season with lights and gifts. So for this Diwali and also for the accompanying festivals we bring here for you “Happy Feet Chocolate Home”.

chocolate as gift for all occassions

If you are still confused about the gift for Diwali and the coming festivals and not yet planned here we have some great options for you. If you are thinking what would be the best, then no need to strain your brain, because what’s better than CHOCOLATES as Diwali gifts. Chocolates are something loved by all, be it any age. Chocolates always turn out to be an excellent gift for any occasion. Be it your friend, family, relatives colleague or your employees chocolate is the pick of the season.

loved by kids
best for kids on birthdays


We have a great variety of chocolate gift hampers from packaging to delivering at a reasonable starting price of INR 500/- onward. Also available are the combos with diyas and dry-fruits. To know more on festive gifting ideas and Diwali gifts check us on the Facebook page.


So contact us for some wonderful chocolate gifting ideas. We are just a click away.

corporate gifts

Now what are you waiting for? As the festive season had already begun and Diwali will be soon arriving, order for gift packs for your near and dear ones. Don’t forget the kids too. We also accept corporate and bulk orders. Contact for bookings and we deliver you the best. Also visit our Facebook page and leave us a note.


Diwali gift assorted dry fruits and chocolates
also available in bulk as per kilograms

Drink and Gain

Last few days were a real hectic time for me. Emotional setbacks, unscheduled meals, tiring days, resettling and a new school routine for my kids. All the meal timings were disturbed, sleep pattern was new as now it’s a early morning school for her. So I was very uncomfortable making meals and there was lack of energy all the time. But then I switched to some tasty, healthy energy bound drinks which really helped me for the whole days work. Even my elder daughter and my brother loved these specially served and home-made drinks. You will love them too, easy to prepare, less time consuming and nutritive.

cocoa energy drink
cocoa energy drink






Take a mixer or a blender container, put banana, milk, sugar and cocoa powder. Cover it and blend well till banana is pureed. Your energy drink is ready.

This recipe is really good and gives you a two to three hours burst of energy. You can have a low-calorie drink by adding skimmed milk instead of whole milk and sweetener or sugar free in place of sugar. This will cut down on your calorie count and keep you full for long. Also a great weight loss mechanism, you can have twice or thrice, or a large glass and skip a meal as well.

chocolate energy drink







Mix all ingredients well in blender and serve the drink chilled. This drink is protein-rich and gives you a boost for the day. Try it now.

low cal drink
low cal drink





Mix well in blender and add 2 drops vanilla. It will make about 2 cups. It just gives you 125 calories, and tastes amazing.

strawberry drink
strawberry drink







Mix all ingredients and blend them into puree. Add ice cubes and blend again and here is a great drink.


Healthy Meals

OH!  Another day, another meal, you wonder what to cook, that’s interesting to eat and look! How many times do we enter the kitchen and roll our eyes upwards?

Here are some easy to cook recipes for your family which tastes just as good as they look. Ample opportunity to use seasonal vegetables and ingredients. Stir that ladle, whip up an exciting dish and chase your kitchen blues away.


200 grams broccoli;

4 sticks of celery cleaned;

25 grams butter mashed

1 clove crushed garlic.

broccoli celery
Garlic Vegetable Medley

Cut the broccoli into small florets and finely slice the celery. Melt the butter in a large pan with the garlic and add the vegetables. Cook, stirring for 5 minutes, then cover the pan and cook gently for a further 2-3 minutes before serving.

Goodness quotient : Broccoli is a very good source of calcium, vitamins C and A. Butter increases deliciousness and also adds to the total calories.


1 large cucumber;

1 tbsp olive oil;

1 small onion, chopped;

2 ½ cups hot vegetable stock;

grated, peel and juice of ½ lemon;

1tbsp fresh chopped dill;

1/3 cup of thick plain yogurt;

salt and pepper to taste.

cucumber yogurt soup
Cucumber and Yogurt Soup

Cut a 2 inch piece of cucumber, then chop remainder. Put oil in a pan, add onion and cook gently until soft. Add chopped cucumber, stock, lemon peel and juice. Bring to a boil, cover and simmer for 15-20 minutes, until cucumber is tender. Puree in a blender, turn into a bowl and cool. Stir in half the yogurt and chill.

Check seasoning, then thinly slice the reserved piece of cucumber. Serve the soup, garnish with thin slices of cucumber floating on the surface and the remaining yogurt spooned on top.

Goodness quotient : It’s a good combination of vegetables and milk products. It provides protein, energy, vitamin A and C and other minerals.


500 grams new potatoes;

20 grams butter;

freshly ground black pepper to taste.

peppered potatoes
peppered new potatoes

Boil the potatoes, still in their skins, for 8-10 minutes, depending on their size. Drain, then toss with a generous knob of ready made black pepper butter (or butter with plenty of milled black pepper). Serve immediately.

Goodness quotient : Potatoes are ready source of energy because of their carbohydrate content. Butter adds calories.

I love trying various recipes, preparing them for kids and providing nutrition through their favorite foods is the aim.


Ganeshotsav (part 2)

Ganpati Bappa Morya !!!

There’s been a festive look all over with the beginning of the Ten days Ganpati celebrations in Maharashtra.Lord Ganesha idols are brought home and families worship them, joined in by friends and families. Traditional meals are served on these days (simple and pure vegetarian fare) and a traditional sweet dumpling called ‘ modak’ is distributed.

Ganesha at our home
Ganesha at our home

Kids and me, have been doing the preparations from a few days for the Ganeshotsav. We painted the pieces, put them together and arranged the background and set up the place for the Ganpati pooja. We keep it simple by offering coconuts, fresh fruits, fresh flowers, garlands and sweets.




how we prepared for the sthapna
We also applied some mehndi / henna on our hands. Ashita asked me to draw tattoo on her feet. I tried my best, I am not at all good, with shaky hands completed the task and made them happy and content. Here’s a glimpse.

20150917_000656[1] 20150916_183246[1] 20150916_181958[1]


It’s always great to inculcate the importance of festivals to kids. I love when they want to know more. Ganesha also represents wisdom and symbolizes humanity. Here is a great post on the significance of Lord Ganesha’s idol. Amazingly this depicts that his creation is to tell humanity how to live happily in this world. Though the explanation has touch of spirituality but understanding its essence is not difficult. So this Ganesh Utsav, let’s try to be a Ganesha. Live life brightly being a Ganesha !!


The ten day Ganeshotsav or the Ganpati festival grips Maharashtra (Mumbai, Pune and other cities in Maharashtra region) in its zeal and grandeur. Beautifully decorated pandals (tents) are glorifying every nook and corner, festive lights are enlightening the streets and the euphonius beats of dhol (drums) coupled with devotional songs are oscillating through the air.


Lord Ganesha is the God of Wisdom and literature. The beliefs and stories basically prove Lord Ganesha as a problem solver in our lives.Lord Ganesha is the son of Lord Shiva and Devi Parvati.

The unexpected showers in the city and Ganpati Bapa’s arrival have spread the jubilant delight for the devotees.

No Ganeshotsav celebrations are complete without gobbling on the enticing modaks. Right from baked to fried modaks and modaks with mango filling to chocolate layers outside, these sweet rice dumplings witness innovations every year. We are making white and milk chocolate modak flavors at home.


I always want kids to be a part of the festival celebration and preparations. This year also we shared some Ganesha stories, watched the animated movie and started with the decorations. I bought the thermocol cut-outs from the market which we have been painting since last week, now ready to display.

thermocol cut outs
thermocol cut outs


Ashita tried her hand on the free painting style using Fevicryl hobby ideas acrylic colors


Anika was also part of our fun and learning this time. She made the paper cup Ganesha (much part was of course done by me). But ultimately what I had were happy-elated-contented-kids with insight about the mythology and immense craft skills, not to forget a not-so-furious-grouchy mum.

20150916_210859[1] 20150916_210917[1]The final piece is yet to come in my next post. (Ganeshotsav (part 2) )