Ganeshotsav (part 2)

Ganpati Bappa Morya !!!

There’s been a festive look all over with the beginning of the Ten days Ganpati celebrations in Maharashtra.Lord Ganesha idols are brought home and families worship them, joined in by friends and families. Traditional meals are served on these days (simple and pure vegetarian fare) and a traditional sweet dumpling called ‘ modak’ is distributed.

Ganesha at our home
Ganesha at our home

Kids and me, have been doing the preparations from a few days for the Ganeshotsav. We painted the pieces, put them together and arranged the background and set up the place for the Ganpati pooja. We keep it simple by offering coconuts, fresh fruits, fresh flowers, garlands and sweets.




how we prepared for the sthapna
We also applied some mehndi / henna on our hands. Ashita asked me to draw tattoo on her feet. I tried my best, I am not at all good, with shaky hands completed the task and made them happy and content. Here’s a glimpse.

20150917_000656[1] 20150916_183246[1] 20150916_181958[1]


It’s always great to inculcate the importance of festivals to kids. I love when they want to know more. Ganesha also represents wisdom and symbolizes humanity. Here is a great post on the significance of Lord Ganesha’s idol. Amazingly this depicts that his creation is to tell humanity how to live happily in this world. Though the explanation has touch of spirituality but understanding its essence is not difficult. So this Ganesh Utsav, let’s try to be a Ganesha. Live life brightly being a Ganesha !!



The ten day Ganeshotsav or the Ganpati festival grips Maharashtra (Mumbai, Pune and other cities in Maharashtra region) in its zeal and grandeur. Beautifully decorated pandals (tents) are glorifying every nook and corner, festive lights are enlightening the streets and the euphonius beats of dhol (drums) coupled with devotional songs are oscillating through the air.


Lord Ganesha is the God of Wisdom and literature. The beliefs and stories basically prove Lord Ganesha as a problem solver in our lives.Lord Ganesha is the son of Lord Shiva and Devi Parvati.

The unexpected showers in the city and Ganpati Bapa’s arrival have spread the jubilant delight for the devotees.

No Ganeshotsav celebrations are complete without gobbling on the enticing modaks. Right from baked to fried modaks and modaks with mango filling to chocolate layers outside, these sweet rice dumplings witness innovations every year. We are making white and milk chocolate modak flavors at home.


I always want kids to be a part of the festival celebration and preparations. This year also we shared some Ganesha stories, watched the animated movie and started with the decorations. I bought the thermocol cut-outs from the market which we have been painting since last week, now ready to display.

thermocol cut outs
thermocol cut outs


Ashita tried her hand on the free painting style using Fevicryl hobby ideas acrylic colors


Anika was also part of our fun and learning this time. She made the paper cup Ganesha (much part was of course done by me). But ultimately what I had were happy-elated-contented-kids with insight about the mythology and immense craft skills, not to forget a not-so-furious-grouchy mum.

20150916_210859[1] 20150916_210917[1]The final piece is yet to come in my next post. (Ganeshotsav (part 2) )

Teacher’s Day DIY Cards

We celebrate Teacher’s Day on the 5th of September every year. It is marked as the birthday of Sarvepalli Radhakishnan, the first Vice President and the second President of India. He believed that “teachers should be the best minds in the country”.

Ashita is now in grade two and wanted to make a card for her teacher. So we sat with an easy idea as it was the last-minute thought. Whatever material we could gather we started and it came out pretty well. We made two thanksgiving cards for her teachers. Here is how we did it.

Take 2 card sheets. Fold them into desired measurements.

Take construction sheets in different colors, trace out hands. We traced one big hand and two small ones. Tracing the small hands also kept my younger one busy. Cut them out. Then cut stems and leaves in green colors. Draw 3 – 4 flowers and cut them out.

Now the sticking part.


hand traced teachers card
hand traced teachers card

On card 1 stick the 3 green stems and then the cut outs of hands accordingly. we have stuck the big hand in center and two small ones on sides. You can change the settings and arrange suitably. Last, take a punching and punch the various color papers used. We used the waste left over sheets to punch. Take out the small round dots and stick them all over. Your card is done.


Write a beautiful thanks giving message to your teacher.

card 2
card 2

Card 2. Stick the flower cut outs and the stems and leaves in a bunch pattern in the  center. Draw a rainbow on the top of the cad sheet in two colors.

butterflies and flowers
butterflies and flowers

Draw butterflies inside the card or any other sketch which your child will love to color. Write the message on the card.

Easy, last-minute cards are ready.

Cheers and Happy Teachers Day !!!