My effort to introduce the mythological story behind DUSSHERA to my 2.3 year old, using a simple demonstration and not relating too many instances. This is what I got to understand, there’s ought to be few more months before she can relate things. Or should I say she is relating words already.

And the story goes like this……..

ME : Do you know who is Raavan?

Anika : Yes, He is Ram.

ME : No no, Ram is with Sita and Laxman.

Anika : who is Laxman?

ME : Ram’s younger brother. They were all in the jungle. Raavan took Sita with him from the jungle. Ram rescued her from Raavan.You know what’s a jungle? (expecting her to say something like animals).

Anika : jingle bells jingle bells……….

ME : ohh not jingle, I am asking Jungle.

Anika : ok, now let me sleep (closes her eyes)

DUSSHERA wasn’t celebrated in our story, as we never reached that point. I agree with the logic “the earlier the better” with the kids. So efforts of introducing mythology will not go waste, when we will restart the story, may be some other time.


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