DREAMZ can hear YOU !!!

I am a dreamer. I look up to the things I yearn for. Be it a nice sexy dress, a big lavish house, a pair of elegant stilettos or may be an amazingly happy and well set life. Whats the harm in thinking high and out of your shoes. Keep trying and keep dreaming, may be one day you touch the moon or if not the moon you may still be among the stars. I also try and tell my 7 year old daughter to dream and think big and out of the box. If kids are encouraged to dream big and aspire they will be able to gain more self-confidence.


Most often we don’t get everything we desire in life.Aspirations can become dreams at any point of time in life. We need to realize the dreams on an emotional level in order to provide moments of joy, hope,and enthusiasm and also a motivational positive attitude towards life.

Every child should have the right to dream, to hope that tomorrow holds something new and big for them, to believe that they can have something special in their lives, and to experience the carefree joy. Whether it is a trip to Disney, meet their super heroes or ride a bike, a child’s dream has the power to change their lives. After their dreams, most often, kids feel stronger and happier. For a kid, dreams can be tremendously motivating and exciting. It can change a child’s prospective, inspire them and give them strength.

I began to realize how important it is in life to be an aficionado….. if you are interested in something, go for  it at full speed, no matter what….. Grasp it with both hands.. love it, hug it, and above all become ardent about it.

If God really gave it to you it’s yours………. if he did not…… don’t try to keep it…….. let it be………. but don’t stop dreaming and don’t let the craving cease.

If you got to force it….. leave it alone.

Today is the oldest you have ever been and the youngest you will ever be.

Take it all , one day at a time and enjoy the journey.

Be brave and say YES, your dreams can hear you. Wrap yourself in a beautiful blanket of self worth. Life may knock you down few times, you may experience sadness and failures. But always get up and move on. One day you will forget the reason you cried for and the pain whoever gave you. Give your child the strength to dream. So smile, laugh, love, believe, forgive and of all Dream.


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